Questions Our Friends and Members Ask About Hannah

Why does Hannah exist?
Hannah the Pet Society exists to:

  • Place Pets in homes that are a good match. This is where we believe the Pet will live as long and healthy of a life as possible. We believe stress shortens lives and love lengthens them, and so having the Pet in a loving environment as quickly as possible is also very important. Proper placement also prevents unnecessary euthanasia, as this is often caused by inappropriate matching of Pets and people as well as cost and behavioral issues.
  • Stop Pets from being surrendered to shelters in the first place. We work to create loving, lasting bonds between Pets and Pet Parents and provide Pet Families with peace of mind from making difficult decisions by providing Total Lifetime Care (TLC), helping to prevent anyone from giving up a Pet to a shelter in the first place; we also offer a place where someone who is unable to keep a Pet can go for help.

Hannah’s Promise to Members:

  • To do our best to find you and your family as good a match as we can based on the information that you provide to us, as quickly as practical.
  • To do our best to keep you and your Pet family safe by initially testing the Hannah Pet for potentially dangerous behavior problems, by prevention of any recognized zoonotic disease, and by treatment and resolution of problems as quickly as we can if any are ever found.
  • To support you and your Pet family with expert veterinary care and compassionate consultation through sickness and health. To always work together to determine the care that is appropriate, necessary, and timely.
  • To do our best to create a happy healthy relationship between your family and your Hannah Pet through veterinary care, Pet health education, behavior support, and caring attention. We will be available for advice 24-7-365 and find you an emergency Pet hospital or other resource if one is ever medically appropriate and we cannot provide it ourselves.
  • To carefully listen to the requests and concerns of you and your family regarding your Hannah Pet and respond in a respectful, thoughtful way.
  • To be the reason you and your family truly enjoy the love and companionship of a Pet now and for the rest of your lives.

Hannah Doctors’ oath:
Hannah veterinarians promise to never recommend unnecessary care and always recommend what’s best for you and your Hannah Pet, which we will provide without regard to cost.

What is the Lifetime Matching Program?
The Lifetime Matching Program is a state-of-the-art, computerized matching system developed with input from psychologists, veterinary behaviorists and personality testing experts. The program considers everything from lifestyle factors, Pet experience and pricing considerations to match Pets with loving families. You can learn more about this program at:

What happens if a potential Hannah Pet Parent pays their Membership Fee and goes through the search process, but Hannah is unable to find them a suitable Pet?
If Hannah is unable to make a suitable Pet match after five months, the Membership Fee will be returned unless the Pet Parent asks us to keep looking. If Hannah does find a suitably matched Pet and the Pet Parent decides they don’t want a Pet after that work is done, the Testing, Transportation & Training Fee is still due because all the work has been done.  The money will be used to care for the Pet until another home is found or will be donated to charity.

If I choose to be matched with a Hannah Pet through the Lifetime Matching Program, where will I get food, supplies, medical treatment and other care from?
If you choose, food and flea and heartworm medications can all be delivered to your doorstep. For medical treatment for your Pet or other needs, you can visit one of our conveniently located Hannah Health & Education Centers.

What is the Total Lifetime Care & Companionship (TLC) Plan?
The Total Lifetime Care & Companionship (TLC) Plan is an all-inclusive program including veterinary care, home-delivered food and supplies, behavior training and support all for a set monthly fee. The TLC Plan is available to anyone who already has a dog, cat, guinea pig or rabbit or who receives a Pet through Hannah’s Lifetime Matching Program. This innovative, new approach allows Pet lovers to enjoy their Pets without worrying about the unexpected costs of caring for and treating them.

What are the costs associated with enrolling or adopting a Pet through Hannah?
Fees paid by all Pet Parents:

  • One-time "Lifetime Membership Fee" ($199 for life) with voluntary annual donations if you want to
  • Monthly Total Lifetime Care Plan & Companionship (TLC) Fee upon enrollment of a Pet (fee based on species, breed, age and other factors).  TLC Plans for dogs start at $59 and cats at $39.

Additional fees (when applicable):

  • “Healthy Start Fee” – for the first year of a puppy or kitten’s life (fee depends on species, breed and age)
  • "Testing, Training, & Transportation (TTT) Fee" – for costs associated with sourcing a new Pet (costs vary)
  • "Sick or Injured Care Fee" – for a sick or injured Pet that is enrolled on the Total Lifetime Care Plan (costs vary)
  • “Adjusted Pet Adoption/Purchase Fee” – the pre-agreed price paid by a Pet Parent who wishes to terminate their relationship with Hannah and purchase the Pet (costs vary, but are generally $800 for a dog Hannah’s finds and generally $200 for a Pet Hannah’s trades for services for)

If I can no longer care for my Pet, will Hannah see to it that my Pet gets into a good new home?
Assuming your Pet passes our behavioral and medical examinations and we can come to terms on a price, Hannah will purchase your Pet and match it with a suitable new family. Hannah generally requires the person wanting to re-home their Pet to keep it in their home until an appropriate Pet Parent is found to keep the stress to the Pet at a minimum. You may also reserve the right to approve the new Pet Parent that Hannah identifies before the Pet is placed. If you do not approve any of the first three prospective Pet Parents, the sale to Hannah will be voided and the Pet will be returned to you. If your Pet is matched with a Hannah Pet Parent, the new Parent signs an “Enrollment Agreement” (legally a lease agreement), and the Hannah veterinarian, Pet Parent and Counselor agree to ensure the Pet and Pet Family are a good match.

Can people who adopt a new Pet directly from a shelter still opt in to Hannah’s service package?
Yes, assuming it passes the behavioral and medical exams.

Do you place more Pets or enroll more Pets from people who already have them?
It varies from week to week. We help new Pet Parents find their Perfect Pet through our Lifetime Matching Program, and we help existing Pet owners better care for their Pets through our Total Lifetime Care & Companionship Plan.

What if one of your customers wants a purebred dog/puppy?
Hannah’s first goal is to ensure that a Pet Parent will be matched with the right Pet. If a purebred dog is desired and that specific breed is a good match for the Pet Parent, we have several options:

  • We will search the many shelters, humane societies, rescue/nonprofit groups, foster homes and families that we know. Occasionally we will even go as far as calling families who are advertising online or elsewhere that they are looking for a home for their Pet, but only if we are sure these are truly families looking for homes and not puppy mills masquerading as families. If we can find the specific breed, that Pet and at least two other good options (three in total) for that family will be presented as choices.
  • If a Pet of that specific breed isn’t available from any animal shelter, humane society, rescue/nonprofit group, foster home or family, we will also search online to check other not-for-profit animal welfare organizations any­where in the country – even those that we do not have current agreements with.
  • On their own, a Pet Parent may purchase a dog from a breeder of their choice and, provided the Pet qualifies as a Hannah Pet, they can become a Member, sell the Pet to us and participate in Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care & Companionship (TLC) Plan. 
  • If you are a match for a purebred and we can’t find you one through our regular sources, Hannah can connect you with a family that has occasional litters of high quality purebreds and may be able to sell you one through Hannah’s Blue Star Program.  They must be enrolled on a TLC Plan and a Healthy Start Plan.  Some purebreds (like Bulldogs and Shar pei) require a higher monthly fee.

What is the Blue Star Program?
A program designed to help families that will only take a purebred Pet (and match with one).   Hannah maintains a list of recommended families puppy raisers that meet our strict qualifications for our clients who want to purchase a Pet with good genetics that was raised responsibly, properly cared for and socialized.

What if I want a Golden Retriever (I’ve had four and have loved them all) and Hannah determines that isn’t the best breed for me or just can’t find one?
If you have had four Golden Retrievers and successfully cared for them, it is unlikely that the match process would result in exclusion of Golden Retrievers. Hannah the Pet Society is committed to finding you the best species/breed for you despite your Pet history – and you can return the Pet for another if necessary. If we agree that a Golden Retriever is the best breed for you and just can’t find one, we might propose a mixed breed that’s mostly Golden Retriever. However, it is possible that Hannah may not be able to find a Pet for some potential Pet Parents, or that a person may have such a specific Pet need that Hannah cannot fill it within the five-month period (or as long as someone requests us to do so). We are willing to work with potential Pet Parents for extended periods of time to try to find the right match, and, in cases like these, we work with the potential Pet Parent to lengthen the search time at their option. In the end, if we can’t find a suitable Pet for you, we will give you your money back.

Why does Hannah place so many cats – is there an advantage to Hannah by doing so?
Our only goal is to help as many Pets find suitable, loving homes as possible, but cats are easier to find at shelters and are less expensive for Pet Parents. Many families haven’t given a lot of thought about other Pets besides dogs. This is a great opportunity to help educate new Pet Parents about the many options available to them. The only advantage to Hannah is another happy Pet in a great family. In fact, many families are delighted to discover that rabbits and guinea pigs can make great Pets too – especially for fami­lies with young children who are learning about responsibilities and caring for Pets.

If Hannah determines that a cat would be the best match for the family but they continue to insist on a dog, will Hannah match them with a dog?
If during the matching process it is determined that a dog will not work well in the current home environment, we will not make a dog placement. If a cat or other species would work in the same home environment, then we would encourage the family to consider the placement.

How will Hannah address people who may only want kittens?
We won’t, because kittens grow up to be adult cats rather quickly. We will place kittens if the Pet Parent wants them for the cat’s whole life. However, we place primarily adult cats because it is easier to evaluate their personality when they are mature. We hope that people who only want to have kittens will be a foster home for us or for a shelter partner.

I love cats and every one I have had loves to go outside – but many seem to get lost. If I have a Hannah cat, can it go outside?
Our Pet care guidelines specify that cats that stay indoors are likely to be healthier and live longer. The reality is that cats do on occasion escape outside, and we want to help Pet Parents understand that keeping the cat indoors will result in a healthier Pet. We also provide education on ways for cats to play and exercise while indoors to minimize the desire to escape. But, perhaps most importantly, all Han­nah Pets are microchipped and registered as a part of the Hannah Total Lifetime Care Plan. This provides assurance for Hannah Pet Parents that if their Pet is lost or stolen, we have the processes in place so authorities can iden­tify the Pet, and we can get the Pet back to the family as soon as possible; you are responsible for any “tickets” you get if your Hannah Pet is picked up off your property.

What happens to the Pet if the match doesn’t work out?
In the rare case a match between a Hannah Pet and Hannah Pet Family doesn’t work, we will take the Pet back and find it a new, suitable home. We will restart our process to find you one that is a better fit for you. In no case will we ever euthanize a Pet because it does not have a home.  However, there are a few dogs and cats that are not suitable to be Pets under any circumstances.  We support humane euthanasia as a viable option for severe medical or mental diseases.

What Pets can be “re-homed”?
Any Pet (i.e., a dog, cat, rabbit or guinea pig) that passes Hannah’s regular medical and behavioral examinations can be re-homed.

Where is a Hannah Pet housed when they are returned?
Hannah has facilities that include housing for Pets and a bunch of people who love to play with them; Hannah also has a network of foster families who offer interim homes for Pets. It usually takes us less than a week to find the Pet a great new Pet Family.

How do you deal with older Pets that are returned and have medical problems?
Remember, we already have the Pet’s complete medical and behavioral record so if we match it with a new Pet Family, we know they are willing to spend the time it takes to provide care. And because we take care of all the medical care costs, this is not a barrier to anyone.

What keeps a Hannah Pet Parent from dropping off a Pet they no longer want at a shelter?
Hannah the Pet Society makes it easy to return a Pet that’s no longer wanted or that a Pet Parent can no longer properly care for. A Pet Parent just needs to notify us of their wishes, and we’ll either pick up the Pet from their home or they can drop it off at one of our convenient locations. If a Hannah Pet is dropped off at a shelter, the shelter will know to contact Hannah due to the microchip we implant in every one of our Pets and we will retrieve it immediately.

What type of veterinary care can I expect from Hannah?
At Hannah, our veterinarians are the best in the business and provide the same high-quality care as their counterparts in the Portland area. Hannah veterinarians and their medical teams have access to state-of-the-art facilities at our Health and Education Centers in the area. You will be as active as you want to be in the decision-making about the care your Hannah Pet receives.

How can Hannah ensure a Pet is being cared for properly in its new home?
We educate all new Pet Parents to ensure they have the support they need to properly care for their Pet. We also have regular communication with Pet Parents via care calls to make sure they have the sup­port they need to be successful. By having a high level of communication, we can ensure that Hannah Pet Parents have everything they need to provide great care to their Pets. Regular veterinary exams and preventive care visits – all included in a Monthly TLC Fee – also help to ensure the Pet has a great quality of life.

How will Hannah ensure the Pet receives the required minimum veterinary care?
The Monthly TLC Fee includes all the costs of veterinary care so the most common barrier to care – an un­expected expense – has been removed. The medical record system, just like in most veterinary hospitals, provides reminders to the medical team and Pet Parents of routine care that is needed.

I have gone to the same veterinarian for over 30 years and have a wonderful relationship with him because he’s just a great vet – why can’t I take my new Hannah Pet to him?
You can, because with Hannah the Pet Society the Pet Parent can purchase the Pet at any time – at their option. If you choose the Total Lifetime Care Plan, however, then Hannah must have the freedom to provide the care we believe is necessary and appropriate because we assume lifetime responsibility for the health of the Pet.

I’ve had Pets for many years and have always fed my dogs Science Diet with great results. All of my Labs have lived to be at least 10 years old. I love the Hannah concept but really want to purchase the Science Diet myself for my Pet. Can I do that?
Part of our Total Lifetime Care (TLC) Plan includes food that is carefully selected to ensure your Pet remains healthy and happy for as long as possible. If you choose to not take advantage of this element of our program, we can recommend options that are suitable based on the Pet’s blood work, age and general condition, and then your TLC Fee will be calculated without the Nutrition Program.

When will I have to pick up my Hannah Pet food?
You don’t. The Hannah Nutrition Program option includes delivery directly to your home. We’ll call you the day before we deliver to your home and remind you that we will be dropping off your Hannah Pet’s food. If you should need any Pet food prior to our normal delivery, just call us and you can pick it up at the Health & Education Center – we request 7 days’ notice to change your standing order.

What if my Hannah Pet is sick and I am unable to take it to the Health and Education Center?
Don’t worry. Your Total Lifetime Care Plan may already include pick-up and delivery services. Even if it doesn’t, Hannah can provide pick-up and delivery of the Pet for a small fee when you need it. Or, you can add pick-up and delivery service to your customized TLC Plan at any time.

What if my Pet gets sick and needs emergency care after hours?
You can call a Hannah Pet Nurse on our toll-free number any time, night or day (24-7-365 days a year), and discuss the situation with the Nurse. In the event of the need for emergency medical services, they will make immediate arrangements and all emergency costs and medical care will be covered by Hannah.

What happens if a Pet is injured and the Pet Parent takes it to an emergency clinic instead of to Hannah – who pays the bill?
We have contracted with specific local emergency hospitals for care. Hannah Pet Parents who are traveling outside of the local area will have an emergency number to call for medical support, and we will work with the nearest suitable emergency hospital to coordinate care and resolve payment. If you take a Pet to any clinic for lifesaving emergency aid, Hannah will pay for it; however, if you don’t bring Hannah into the conversation immediately, it will be your expense.

 If my Hannah Pet accidently gets run over by a truck and killed, do I have to pay for it? Can I get another Hannah Pet?
You would not have to pay for the Pet in this case. If we determine that you weren’t at fault or if your Pet dies under normal circum­stances, we will, of course, find you a new Pet for no additional fee, regardless of how long you have had your Pet. This includes if your Pet dies of natural causes.  Hannah has several easy ways you can prove that your Hannah Pet died.

If the Hannah Pet Parent moves outside of your service area, what happens to the Pet?
The Pet Parent can either repurchase their Pet and take it with them or return it to Hannah for re-homing.

I am in the military and really want to get a Hannah Pet; however, I worry about being deployed overseas and I might not be able to take my Pet. Could I leave it with my brother for the two years I might be gone?
Arrangements can be made for Pets to stay with family members or extended family members. We want to do everything we can to ensure the Pet gets the best possible continuity of care.

My boyfriend and I are getting married and would like to become Hannah Pet Parents as soon as we move into our new house. Suppose we get divorced someday; what will happen to our Pet?
Hannah works with our Pet Parents as they resolve rights and responsibilities such as in the case of a divorce. Ul­timately, a court may make this determination, and of course we will abide by that. Hannah will not take sides and will respond to the family’s agreement or the court’s decision. We will, however, waive the Placement Fee on a new Pet for one of you, if the noncustodial Pet Parent wants a Pet.

What if a customer misses payments? Will you repossess the Pet?
Hannah will never repossess a Pet due to nonpayment or for any other reason. Our first option will be to work with the Hannah Pet Parent to develop a payment plan. If that is unsuccessful or if the Pet Parent ceases communication with us, we will refer them to our collection agency.

Can nonmembers bring their Pets into Hannah service centers for grooming, boarding, vet care, etc.? If not, why not?
No. Our Hannah Health & Education Centers are exclusively for Hannah members. We sometimes make exceptions for training classes and programs for kids like 4-H and Scouting, and for shelter Pets.

Will your prices ever change during the lifetime of my Hannah Pet?  
The repurchase price of the Pet goes down by $50 per year to a minimum of $200, and the monthly TLC Fee will be adjusted periodically based on inflation (CPI) and the age of the Pet.

How many people cancel their agreements with Hannah and repurchase their Pet?
Less than 3 percent.  

Why do people choose a Pet from Hannah instead of just adopting it from the shelter?
There are many reasons people find the Hannah approach preferable to adopting a pet from a shelter. Some really appreciate how the Lifetime Matching Program ensures a good Pet/Parent match. Others value the education and training we provide that increases the likelihood of a long-term, healthy bond. For others, it’s the convenience of having food, supplements and other supplies delivered to their doorsteps each month. For still others, it’s the peace of mind that comes from knowing all routine and emergency veterinary care for their Hannah Pet is included in a monthly fee. And, finally, our members find comfort knowing they can cancel their membership and repurchase their Pet or return their Pet to us for re-homing at any time.

Why does Hannah think they will have more success than local shelters in placing available Pets?
We don’t, and we’re not in competition with shelters. We share the same goal as shelters – to place Pets in loving homes. And because we make having a Pet so easy, we also believe we’re opening up more homes for Pets and reducing the number of Pets in shelters.

If a shelter Pet is identified as a possible “match” for a potential Hannah Pet Parent, will the shelter be required to “hold” the Pet – and for how long?
Hannah the Pet Society has different arrangements with each shelter, depending upon that shelter’s procedures for handling the Pets in their care. It’s possible that a one- or two-day hold might be required, with reimbursement to the shelter, to ensure the Pet remains available during the time a new Pet Parent is deciding on the match with their Hannah Placement Counselor.

How will the adoption/purchase price that Hannah pays the shelter for the Pet be determined?
It is agreed upon upfront between Hannah the Pet Society and the individual shelter. Our business model assumes that we will pay the same adoption fee as the shelter would charge to a non-Hannah Pet Parent – plus we will provide an ongoing monthly donation. The benefits to the shelter include increased placements, reduced euthanasia and increased revenues as a result of their relationship with Hannah the Pet Society.

Hannah’s behavior standards for a “good” Pet may be different than the shelter’s evaluation. How is this reconciled?
Hannah the Pet Society’s behavior standards are intended to ensure that a Pet has a high likelihood of longevity in a family setting. A standard definition of “good” doesn’t currently exist and should be based on the goals of the organization.

Will the shelter perform spay/neuter and microchipping, or will Hannah?
It can be done by either. Hannah the Pet Society has clinical facilities to support spay/neuter and microchipping, and so we are able to have agreements with shelters that are flexible to determine which is best in each situation.

How are Pets transferred between the source shelter and Hannah the Pet Society?
Depending on the agreement with the shelter, the shelter may bring the Pet to Hannah the Pet Society or Hannah may pick up the Pet at the shelter. Hannah is currently using climate-controlled vans fitted with kennels for Pet transport.

Most shelters animals have kennel cough – who will be responsible for cleaning up pre-existing conditions in the Pet to be adopted – Hannah, or the shelter?
Once a Pet has been placed, Hannah the Pet Society is responsible for all medical care. All Pets that will be placed first need to pass a medical and behavior examination and, as such, some Pets with serious illness may not be able to be placed by Hannah until their condition is resolved.

It’s great that your Pet Aptitude Test (PAT) evaluates shelter Pets for behavior, but what about health measures? What will Hannah’s health and wellness evaluations cover?
Hannah the Pet Society conducts a medical screen to ensure that the Pet is in good health. This includes a physical exam and important laboratory tests. Hannah often provides medical treatments as needed prior to placement.

If a shelter is already using a behavior/temperament test in-house that works for them, will Hannah also insist on separate administration of the PAT?
Hannah the Pet Society’s Pet Aptitude Test (PAT) is focused on helping to determine if a Pet will work in a family environment. It may be similar or a nice complement to any temperament testing currently being done by the shelter, but the PAT isn’t intended to replace current temperament testing done by shelters. If a shelter isn’t using a behavior screening tool, then Hannah can provide the PAT and training at no charge.

Will Hannah Pet Parents be allowed to make donations to the shelter that provided the Pet? Will Hannah facilitate this donation?
Yes. Hannah the Pet Society works with each shelter partner to determine the best arrangement for such donations to ensure that they go directly to the shelter.

Will Hannah do joint marketing with shelter partner?
Yes, if desired by the shelter partner, Hannah the Pet Society will consider joint marketing – as long as the marketing is consistent and compatible with the Hannah brand. We will create a comprehensive plan and approach to such an arrangement that works for both organizations.

Will Hannah have Pets available for placement in their retail locations for potential Pet Parents to choose from?
Pets are not available to purchase at our retail locations. It is the role of our Placement Centers to educate potential Pet Parents about lifetime Pet care and determine the best match for their family. Potential Pet Parents will be able to view potential matches after the matching process is complete via a web-based propriety computer system.  We often have 1-3 Pets that need a home in the Placement Centers to help educate potential Pet Parents about the great Pets available, but many of the Pets there belong to our team members who work there.  Some humane societies also bring Pets in and these are always Pets that need homes.  While Hannah does sponsor frequent adoption events (at which rescue and shelter/nonprofit groups participate and frequently show available Pets), the Hannah matching process is still required and no Pet is planned to be placed during these events.

What types of social media will Hannah use?
Hannah the Pet Society has on staff a Social Media Manager who uses popular social media tools in a coordinated way, including Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Flickr, YouTube, etc. Our goal is to promote brand aware­ness and build Hannah communities of happy, engaged and responsible Pet Parents.

You do a lot of good things – why is Hannah a “for-profit” rather than a “nonprofit” business?
Hannah is a for-profit business with a clear social mission to keep Pets out of shelters by matching them with loving families for life.

Who are the owners of Hannah?
Hannah the Pet Society is a closely held private company founded by Dr. Scott Campbell, DVM. There are 50 or so Pet lovers who are small private investors that have funded the startup of the company.

Why did the founders start Hannah?
Hannah was started by people who care very much about Pets – and care that many are being put to sleep unnecessarily. They know that many families could benefit from having a Pet as part of their family but don’t because of the multiple barriers and high costs of Pet care. Hannah is designed to overcome those barriers. Because of their concern for Pets and their strong desire to “give back,” these individuals are heavily supporting Hannah in every way possible.

Is Banfield connected to Hannah in any way?
No. Banfield is a traditional “fee for service” veterinary care provider, while Hannah provides all inclusive Pet support through a lease model to families and provides everything they need for life, including the Pets themselves. It’s a completely different business – even a different category – and has no common ownership.

Is Hannah a competitor to other veterinarians?
Absolutely not. Hannah employs some great veterinarians and expects to employ many more.

What are the expansion plans for Hannah?
If Hannah is well-accepted and successfully helps people have Pets and saves Pets’ lives, the company will likely expand into new markets. However, that decision is years away and was not the reason for creating Hannah.

How can Hannah offer its service package so cost-efficiently?
There are several significant efficiencies assumed in our business model. Many business models rely on “volume,” and Hannah the Pet Society won’t be an exception. We will need several thousand Hannah Pets in order to gain efficiencies such as buying Pet food and supplies at high-volume, wholesale prices. Additionally, we believe our Health & Educa­tion Centers will need to be reasonably convenient to our Pets’ homes but not necessarily in high-traffic and expensive retail locations that Pet food stores, groomers and veterinarians typically require. Therefore, we will save on real estate costs by locating in areas that are convenient but not nearly as expensive as traditional retail locations. In addition, by owning the Pets, Hannah saves regulatory costs versus an insurance model and has tax benefits by being able to depreciate the costs of the Pets over time. These all help lower the costs to Hannah Pet Parents.

Why is the name of the organization “Hannah the Pet Society” – doesn’t this cause confusion for the public with the term “humane society?”
Hannah the Pet Society finds its roots in rural Oregon. Dr. Scott Campbell is the founder. Dr. Campbell’s mother’s first name was Johannah, but her close friends and family shortened her name to “Hannah.” Hannah was a dedi­cated nurse who also cared for every lost or stray, hurt or sick, large or small, wild or domestic animal that crossed her path. She always found a way to help even when things looked impossible. She understood the importance of proper Pet care and went to great lengths to instill that knowledge, belief and behavior in everyone she met. Because of her example, her eldest son, Scott, started caring for Pets and injured wild animals at a very young age and had decided to become a veterinarian by the time he was 7. That devotion to his mother’s high ideals inspired Dr. Campbell to create the largest and most caring veterinary practice in the world – Banfield. This is the reason he has now created “Hannah the Pet Society” in honor of his mom – to truly make Pet care affordable without sacrificing quality.  We tested the name with consumers and they were not confused with “humane society” or any other commonly used names.