Hannah's B.E.S.T. (Behavior, Education, Support & Training)

Sit happens. Hannah's B.E.S.T.  (Behavior, Education, Support & Training)

Sadly, behavior is the #1 reason Pets end up in a shelter and are needlessly killed. House training problems, bad manners, obedience issues or personality conflicts can put stress on the human-Pet bond. That's why we offer Hannah's B.E.S.T. for both you and your Hannah Pet. Our on-staff behavior experts will help your Hannah Pet work with you and other family members. Just as important, we'll teach you how to work with your Hannah Pet in a positive way. We also have an online Hannah Behavior Center you can visit anytime. Rest assured, we'll always provide helpful advice to keep you on the right track.
All new Hannah Families receive a customized B.E.S.T. education program delivered in the way that's most convenient for you:
  • Classroom Settings
  • Hannah's Blog
  • Online Resources
  • Hannah's 24/7 Help Line