Hannah's Lifetime Matching Program® helps you find the furry love of your life.

We believe there is an ideal family for every Pet and an ideal Pet for every Family. That's why we developed our Hannah's Lifetime Matching Program®. This proprietary placement process was created exclusively by Hannah with the help of psychologists, veterinary behaviorists and personality testing experts.The purpose is to match each family with their perfect Hannah Pet to ensure a harmonious relationship for a lifetime.

Our state-of-the-art, computer-assisted matching
system - we call it the Hannah's Lifetime Matching Program finds the exact Pet match by evaluating the following:

  • Your personality and the Pet personality that best matches your personal characteristics, preferences and interests.
  • Your lifestyle, including family size and home layout.
  • Your experience level with Pets.
  • The amount of time and other resources you will be able to put towards your furry friend.
  • Any allergies or health issues in your home.
  • Any current Pets in your home.
  • And much more...