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The New York Times - Business Day - Your Money
By Tess Vigeland

How to Set a Price on the Life of a Beloved Pet?

I COULDN’T begin to add up the number of times my husband and I have had the Talk. We know illness and death are two of life’s certainties. And we’ve taken care of the issue when it comes to ourselves. We’ve signed medical directives saying we want no extraordinary measures taken to extend our lives if we become incapacitated to the point that we’re a burden, emotionally and financially, to our families.

But when it comes to our pets, the Talk never resolves anything.

Luckily our two 14-year-old cats, 8-year-old Border collie and 3-year-old Labrador retriever are all in fairly good health. We haven’t had to make decisions about whether to spend thousands of dollars, possibly tens of thousands, to save or extend their lives. But those decisions are coming, and despite our efforts to have the Talk, we have no idea what we’ll be willing to do to keep them around as long as possible... READ MORE >>

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Speed Star 1.1254780  00 KOIN News, Channel 6 - interviewed us on our Total Lifetime Care program and aired it on 1/20/11. The reporter, who has Pets himself, was impressed with the fact that we care completely for the Pets for life-for only a low monthly fee. He shared stories of Pet Care from his own experience and how very expensive that it can get! Thank you KOIN News for helping us to get the word out about The Hannah Society.
fox12small Fox 12 News/KPTV - was kind enough to run a segment about The Hannah Society on 1/19/11. They interviewed members, showed Hannah Pets and even filmed our Puppy Class. "A new business in Clackamas is playing matchmaker for potential pet owners. The Hannah Society relies on a personality test similar to those found on dating websites and then searches a database of shelters, rescues and breeders for the right match. The company takes into account the potential pet owner’s personality, decision-making process, hobbies and preferences in a new pet." Read more >>
oregonlivethssmall Oregonian/ - The Oregonian decided to feature The Hannah Society in a story about perfect matches between people and Pets. Please meet Amy Vaught, who in the beginning thought she wanted a certain house bunny that we had available through a shelter. But after meeting her, taking her through a personality profile, etc., we had another bunny, also from a shelter, in mind. We are thriled that she agreed to meet Marty as she fell head over heels and declares frequently, "Marty is the PERFECT bunny for me!" Read the article >>
examinertop160 - The Hannah Society is a new concept introduced to Portland back in September 2010. They opened their first location at the Clackamas Town Center (the CTC location is the pet placement hub) and I had an opportunity to ask them some questions about why this “pet adoption” model is being embraced by the local community. Read more >>
petmdsmall - From the human perspective, a portable kennel might resemble solitary confinement and punishment. Many pet owners think of their dogs as furry four-legged people so they’re appalled by this type of confinement. What’s not considered is that dogs are den animals by nature since they evolved from wolves. Unlike humans, dogs seek out confined spaces under tables or desks for a sense of security. Read more >>
adoptpettopsmall Adopt a Pet - You've noticed something odd lately about your cat. Instead of lounging on the couch she's holed up in your closet all day. And when you walk into the room a blur of fur streaks by as she bolts for the safety and comfort of your bed - only she's underneath it. Read more >>
fidoscityguidesmall Fido's City Guide - When Fido went looking for a veterinarian to join our team, not just any vet would do. It had to be a great vet. Dr. Novak was Chief Medical Officer of the nation's largest, private veterinary practice for nearly eight years. He is now President of The Hannah Society which helps match the right Pets to the right people. Read more >>
pawprintmagsmall Paw Prints Magazine - One of the most alarming moments a dog owner can experience is when their dog eats their own stool or that of another dog or cat. What is disgusting and revolting to us should be the same for our canine companions. At least that's what we'd like to think. Read more >>
petsblogssmall Pets Blogs - In mid-November, the Portland metro area saw snow which typically doesn't happen before Thanksgiving. But forecasters have been telling us since summer to prepare for a long, hard winter. If the early snowfall is any indication, then we could see an extended period of freezing temperatures this winter. Read more >>
great_pet_site_web_award All Pet’s Directory - sent us an email announcing that they’ve chosen the Hannah website for a Great Pet Website Award. They presented it to us because of "Excellent content - Design and presentation - Attention to Details - Prestige and visibility - Encouraging compassion and caring for animals.". Thanks, All Pet’s Directory!