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The Hannah Story

Comprehensive Veterinary Care, Training and Behavior Support

Hannah the Pet Society was founded in late 2010 by Scott Campbell, DVM, and a group of other veterinarians and Pet lovers to help remove the primary barriers to having a Pet in the home -- affordability, behavior problems and bad matching -- and to stop Pets from needlessly being put to sleep in shelters or for cost reasons. Prior to founding Hannah, Dr. Campbell founded and built Banfield Pet Hospitals into a company having 750 of the best Veterinary Hospitals in the world, before selling that company to Mars, Inc. in 2007.

While at Banfield, Dr Campbell created Wellness Plans, which helped promote preventive Pet care, and developed a number of hospital efficiencies which reduced the costs of service for Banfield clients. However, Wellness Plans do not cover the costs of caring for injuries or illnesses, and the traditional vet care model of fee for service too often results in a Pet Parent having to face difficult choices when their Pet needs a medical treatment that the Pet Parent cannot afford.

To address these concerns, while at Banfield, Dr. Campbell created a Pet Insurance Company that would enable clients to pay a fixed monthly price for all emergency and illness care. However, because under the law, a Pet is viewed as a piece of "property" (which we all know is not true), the insurance was treated as "property and casualty insurance" and subject to all of the property and casualty insurance rules and regulations of all 50 states. The costs associated with compliance with these regulations was up to $40-$50 per month, not $1 of which was going to the care of the Pet, and resulted in the monthly cost of the insurance to the client being extremely high, even taking into account the co-pays, deductibles, limits and exclusions necessary to make the program economical to the company. As a result the insurance program was abandoned.

In early 2010, Dr. Campbell and the other Hannah founders envisioned a business model that included Pet matching services and all behavioral care, thereby addressing several barriers to having Pets in homes, plus the utilization of Hannah owned hospital facilities and Hannah Veterinarians, to help control and reduce costs to clients.

But how to address the unpredictable, and high costs to Pet Parents of caring for unexpected illnesses or injuries? The Hannah founders finally discovered a unique solution to the problem. The settled law also recognizes the right of animal owners to care for their animals, absent abuse, as they choose to without regulatory oversight. The "at first brush kind of crazy" idea was to have Hannah own the Pets while the Pets were on the Hannah Program, and to lease the Pets back to the Pet Parents. Hannah provides all of the health and behavior care needed by the Pet, and the Pet Parent provides all the love and companionship, all for one low monthly fee, without all of the deductibles, co-pays, limits and exclusions associated with Pet insurance. And the Pet Parent can regain ownership of the Pet at any time (although they cannot remain on the program afterwards). So Hannah the Pet Society was born -- comprehensive Pet medical and behavior care, plus matching services, all for one low monthly fee.

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What Hannah Members Say

Dr. Tripp at the Hannah Pet Society has been a great behavioral doctor...The result has been remarkable and our pet's quality of life has changed drastically for the better.

Casey H. May 2017