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How are we able to do it?

How are we able to provide such great Pet Healthcare at such a low cost (compared to other market alternatives)?

Our Total Lifetime Care™ model has two huge cost advantages over Pet Insurance (See how our costs compare here)

  • Because Hannah owns the Pet while it is on our program, we are not legally "insurance" and we avoid all of the legal, regulatory and other compliance costs associated with complying with state property insurance laws, not one dollar of which goes to the Pet's healthcare. Click here to learn more about how Hannah's retained ownership works and here for FAQS about retained ownership.
  • Pet Insurance companies pay full retail cost to independent veterinarians for all medical procedures. We don't -- we use our own great doctors and state-of-the-art veterinary hospital facilities to perform our services.

Our Total Lifetime Care™ model also provides many cost advantages over the traditional fee for service and Wellness Plan models.

  • No cost estimates, no item-by-item cost tracking, and no need to confirm a Member's ability to pay saves 25% or more of hospital level labor costs.
  • Hannah Pets come in earlier and more often (because there is no bill at the end of your visit!) -- it's much cheaper to fix a medical problem early (or better yet, to prevent it in the first place) then after it has become serious.
  • Our advanced equipment and terrific doctors enable faster and more accurate diagnosis and treatment plans.
  • Our larger size results in economies of scale for the purchase of medical and other supplies.
  • Our larger Member base lowers our facility cost per Pet.
  • We do many things in house (such as lab testing) that others often outsource to third parties at a higher cost.
  • Our standardized policies, procedures, and protocols make us more cost efficient.

These many advantages enable us to give our Members peace of mind that they can provide great healthcare for their Pets at a predictable price that they can afford, without financial worry. As stated by one of our happy Members:

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