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We have very important Hannah Program changes taking effect January 2019.

CLICK HERE to read a letter from Hannah's President, Fred Wich.

Important 2019 Hannah Program Changes

Nov 30th, 2018

To: Our Hannah Members

From: Fred Wich

I wanted to let you know about several changes we are making to the Hannah program, which we communicated to each of you directly today though an email letter.

First, unfortunately our supplier of Total Lifetime Nutrition dog food (TLN) has decided to stop producing TLN, effective almost immediately, and we have been unable to find a food of comparable quality to TLN at a price that would make sense for us or you. TLN is a high percentage of our dog food deliveries and, unlike when we started, free delivery of Pet food to customer homes is widely available from a variety of suppliers, such as Amazon and Consequently, we no longer can add any real value to our Members regarding food and are exiting the food business, except for prescription and bunny and guinea pig diets (which we will no longer deliver).

Commencing next week and through the second week in January, we will deliver enough food to last through the end of January. Members receiving food will be billed through January and thereafter their pricing will be adjusted (except for those Members receiving prescription, bunny or guinea pig food) downward to reflect the fact that food is no longer part of our program. We will continue to provide prescription food for pick up at our hospitals, but delivery services will not be available except in cases of emergency. We also will continue to maintain an inventory of food and hay for bunnies and guinea pigs for pick up at our Hospitals. Letters will be included with your next (and final) food delivery beginning next week, which will provide more details and include recommendations on the best alternative foods to try and places to obtain them (most of whom will deliver to your home)

Second, over the past 2-3 years we have held our pricing to our Members relatively stable while our labor, medical supply, healthcare and other costs have increased by 20%-30% or more. We can’t do this anymore, and as a result, effective January 1, 2019, we will increase our monthly fee by $7.64 per month for dogs and cats who have been with us for one year or more. For Members who have been on our program for less than one year, the price will be increased by the same amount on their one year anniversary date.
Third, as we will continue to do every year, we have updated our Membership & Enrollment Agreement. The changes primarily consist of some legalistic additions, the elimination of most food from our program and clarifying what we cover and don’t cover. Another modification is that from now on we will only pay for emergency care that is provided at our Westside Hospital. Website links to view the new Membership Agreements (one for Washington residents and one for Oregon residents) were sent to you with our letters to you today and also can be VIEWED ONLINE HERE.

Given any choice, I would have preferred not to have had to eliminate most food from our program or raise prices. However, we have no control over our TLN supplier and the increases in our costs are a reality we have to  address in order to deliver the great service you and your Pet deserve.

Please feel free to call us at (503) 597-0302 if you have any questions.

Fred Wich