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An Average of 4.14 stars from 372 reviews.
Awarded 2017 & 2018 "People Love Us On Yelp" award!


An Average of 3.1 stars from 185 reviews.


An Average of 3.9 stars from 490 reviews.

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    Hannah gives me the peace of mind I need for ensuring I can give my dogs the longest happiest life possible. Hannah partners with me on the wellness of my dogs and I am always in charge with decision making. I can afford 4 dogs because of Hannah. One of my dogs is 15 years old and Hannah has extended his life several times. I cannot imagine owning my dogs without the innovative Hannah pet care business model.

    Johanny Jacobsen Member since May 2013
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    I have had two Hannah pets for 3 years now and I am so appreciative to have their partnership in caring for my special family members. The staff at Westside is so caring and friendly. I have never for a minute been sorry that I chose to partner with Hannah the Pet Society!

    Dorene Mollenhauer Member since May 2013
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    The Hannah Society has been the best, they are super supportive and care for my animals. [Since] I've been with Hannah, we have had nothing but good experiences with Hannah. We have taken our french bulldog there for veterinary care and for the obedience classes. Yesterday our dog had some stomach discomfort. we took her in, they took some x-rays (to make sure she hadn't eaten a random Christmas decoration) and concluded it was gastritis. We were given a prescription medicine and prescription dog food and were back on our way within an hour.

    Jeff Sevilla Member since January 2015

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