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Our Mission

To place each shelter Pet into a forever home where it will receive love and lifetime care for an affordable cost - providing it with the likelihood to live a longer, better life, where it won’t end up in a shelter ever again.

About Our Program

Hannah partners with animal shelters, humane societies, non-profit rescue groups as well as other animal welfare organizations, individuals and families because we all share common goals. We have a genuine commitment to help:

  • Reduce the number of homeless Pets.
  • Prevent unnecessary euthanasia.
  • Place Pets into homes that are a good match for life — and rehome them if circumstances change.
  • Help people and Pets enjoy happy, healthy, affordable relationships for life.

Working together with our partners, we can simply help more Pets. Our partners and the Hannah team have something really important in common — we all love Pets. By combining our efforts, Hannah can provide some genuine benefits for Pets and our partners:

  • More Pets will find the perfect home for life. Our goal at Hannah, like that of our partners, is to place as many adoptable Pets as possible in matched, safe homes. When a Pet from a shelter is accepted as a Hannah Pet, we commit to match it with a loving Pet Parent/family and to take care of it for life.
  • Pets placed by Hannah receive care for life. Every Hannah Pet is part of Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care™ Program and gets all the care it needs to stay happy and healthy.

Pet Placement Process

Our Placement Coordinators compassionately facilitate connections between people looking to add Pets to their life, and potential forever Pets.

  • With the help of our experienced Placement Coordinators, we will develop an ideal Pet profile based on your specific lifestyle, family size, personality, comfort level with dogs and cats, and much more.
  • Once this profile is completed, we will help select Pets ideally suited for your lifestyle and personality.
  • Next, we schedule a Meet & Greet for you to meet potential matches.
  • Your Pet is enrolled on a Hannah Total Lifetime Care plan (see what’s included).
  • Schedule your Pet’s next veterinary visit and behavior consult.
  • Take your Pet home.
Available Pets

For more information on our Pet Matching Service, contact us at 971-717-6023 or email us at [email protected].

Charitable Work

The Hannah Promise

Hannah's Loving Hands

Hannah’s Loving Hands serves its local Community by providing a variety of FREE programs designed to remove barriers for those in need of Pet companionship, interaction, and/or care for their current Pet. Below are descriptions for each of the programs we operate in order to bring the benefits of Pet ownership and care to our schools, senior and group homes, Pet rescue groups, as well as Veterans in our local community. Approved applicants receive the benefits of these programs at no cost.

  • Classroom Pet Program - Hannah’s Loving Hands provides socialized bunnies and guinea pigs to classrooms to enliven and enrich the classroom environment. This program is at no cost to the school and 100% of the medical care and supplies are covered.
  • Helping Hand of the Week - Hannah’s Loving Hands works with rescue groups and organizations who do not have access to veterinary resources for the Pets they are finding homes for. We provide veterinary care at our Health and Education Centers for these Pets to increase its chances of finding a forever home.
  • Veteran Program - Hannah’s Loving Hands is here to help our Veterans and their Pet. We want to thank our heroes for their service and we do that by providing our all-inclusive services at no cost to qualified Veterans.
  • Community Homes - Hannah’s Loving Hands works with a variety of centers (i.e. Group Homes, Senior Centers) to bring Pet companionship to them. Having a Pet in these places can improve the quality of life for the people and individuals there. We offer our all-inclusive services at no cost to these homes, they provide the love and companionship.


What Our Members Say About Hannah


So, after going through the long, confusing review of different pet insurance providers the last week, I can't tell you how much I miss this service. Please come to Hawaii, Hannah! We need you! ...All Pets deserve Hannah level care.

Summer L.
Hannah Member Since May 2017